Parenting Plan Modifications

A parenting plan modification involves the Court changing an existing provision of a parenting plan. The petition to modify may seek to change only a few specifics of the day-to-day parenting arrangements or seek to alter the custody arrangement itself. To get approval from the Court for a modification, either the child or the parent must present a substantial change in circumstances. Parenting plan modifications are often the most technical, and there is real potential that petitions do not survive the “adequate cause” hearing, which is early in the process.

It is important to remember that modifications are not cases of the first impression. The modification statute limits what rises to the level of reopening a matter, and the standard is not simply the “best interests” of the child.

Perhaps more than any other family law matter, parenting plan modifications have specific statutory requirements to be successful. Any modification in any one plan can be dismissed, with or without the correctly pleaded provisions on procedural grounds, factually and adequately written. Our attorneys can help navigate those technicalities and ensure that your case is presented and heard on the merits.