Adoption is the process of establishing a legal parental relationship between a child and an adult. This is often accomplished by agreement of all parties, including the biological parent who is giving up their parental rights. Once an adoption has concluded, the adoptive parents hold all legal rights and responsibilities of a biological parent. Adoptions are a joyful experience and one to be shared with family and friends. We help make this unforgettable experience a happy one – our attorneys do not charge for the actual final adoption hearing – this is a time for pictures with the judge and the family – not a time to be worrying about your attorneys’ fees.

Washington has a specific step-parent adoption/private termination statute. While often contested, it is a potential way to terminate a biological parent’s rights while allowing the step-parent to adopt the child.

The process of bringing families together through adoption is one that needs to be handled with care and compassion. We handle a wide range of adoption and custody cases, ranging from stepparent adoptions to grandparents’ rights issues. If you are facing a custodial dispute, we will explain your rights and your legal options for resolving the issue. We strive to make this process as seamless as possible and work to avoid challenges whenever possible.

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