“Divorce” refers to the legal termination of a marriage and it is a process that is often difficult for all parties involved. In most circumstances, the dissolution process will involve the division of property and debt and may also involve the issues of spousal maintenance or personal restraining orders. If children are involved, the court will have to determine a visitation order that reflects the children’s “best interests.” Our firm will work with all of these factors to strive for a fair and equitable outcome. Our attorneys have honed their divorce practice in Washington state for over 13 years, and our results in this rapidly-changing area of law speak for themselves.

Washington is a “community property” state. This means that the name on the asset or debt is not controlling as to ownership rights or obligations for a liability. Even if only one spouse worked outside the home, most assets and money are considered the property of the marital “community”, which is both spouses. In a divorce in Washington, this community property is subject to certain rules in being divided up. The Court is charged with making a just and equitable division of all assets and debts, be they community or separate in nature.

Establishing a Parenting Plan is often the most litigated aspect of a divorce. Certain rights, especially regarding child support and future relocations, are often specifically tied to which parent is deemed the “primary parent”. Rights of other family members (grandparents, siblings, step-relatives) are all affected by which parent has primary custody, and what types of visitation schedules are put in place by the Court and agreements between the ex-spouses.

Whether you and your spouse have reached agreements before coming to a lawyer or your divorce is highly disputed and requires litigation, our firm will represent your best interests. While our goal always is to reach a favorable outcome for our clients, we recognize that chasing unreasonable resolutions will only drag the process on unnecessarily. We will do what is necessary to protect our clients without compromising the integrity of our legal services.