Child Support Modification

In Washington, child support is modifiable based on certain statutory events or time periods. For example, if the income of either parent has changed or one of the children has entered a new age bracket (i.e. turned twelve (12) years of age) a modification may be appropriate. In addition to these and other specific bases to modify, there is also an automatic right to modify your child support every two (2) years. It is also through a child support modification that you may be able to secure post-secondary support for a child graduating high school that plans to obtain higher education. Post-secondary support must be requested prior to certain events (often the child turning eighteen (18) or graduating from high school).

Most child support modifications are based on financial documents and written affidavits only. As Washington has a standard support schedule, much of the discussions revolve around obtaining accurate income figures and exploration of potential “deviations” from the standard calculations.

Our attorneys have handled all matters of child support modifications, ranging from “typical” W-2 wage employees to self-employed parents whose income is less clear. Let us help you through this technical and often confusing process.