Under RCW 46.20.041, the Washington DOL can initiate a license cancellation action “if the department has reason to believe that a person is suffering from a physical or mental disability or disease that may affect that person’s ability to drive a motor vehicle.” This is true even if the person has not been involved in accident or accumulated any traffic offenses. Often, these actions are initiated by a doctor of family member who has safety concerns about someone’s ability to drive due to a medical issue or disability. There are several different issues that are examined during these actions, and they often involve both an informal “interview” with the DOL as well as a more formal “hearing” that involves a more detailed examination of evidence. These hearings often involve a presentation of medical evidence/testimony and the regulations regarding these actions are complicated. It is always wise to consult with an attorney who has experience in these medical interviews/hearings to ensure everything is addressed properly by the DOL.