Civil Law

Washington civil law practice encompasses almost all legal issues faced by residents that don’t involve the criminal justice system. Everything from negotiating a business contract, to writing a last will and testament, to recovering on an unpaid debt is handled by the Washington civil statues and procedures. While the majority of our civil work involves business contracts, our attorneys pride themselves on providing skilled legal representation in all areas of civil litigation and practice. From negotiating contracts to litigating disputes between private parties, the civil attorneys at Wheeler, Montgomery & Boyd can serve almost any legal need of Washington clients, both business and personal.

In an increasingly technologically advanced world, the legal needs of today’s businesses include legal issues that didn’t even exist a decade ago. Our Internet and Online division works with clients in cutting-edge areas of law like e-commerce, website and domain dispute or theft, online defamation, and Internet copyright and trademark law. If it involves the online world, our attorneys can assist you in protecting your rights online.

If you are faced with any type of civil legal issue in the state of Washington, you owe it to yourself to speak with an experienced attorney that can advise you on the law, and provide a steady hand and guidance through your legal questions. Our attorneys can walk you through the process, and provide sound business judgment and advice at every stage. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our civil attorneys to discuss your issue.